Major Organized Rides

Every year we operate three major organized rides: the Lizard Under the Skillet, Octoginta, and the Tour de Chicken Creek. Please see the individual ride pages for additional information.

Regular Weekly Rides

The Lawrence Bicycle Club also operates a number of weekly rides. For details on our weekly rides please see our Weekly Rides page.

Rules / Code of Conduct

The following rules apply to all LBC rides:

  • Helmets are required.
  • Observe all posted traffic signs and traffic laws.
  • Riders shall be courteous and respectful to fellow cyclists and drivers at all times.

In addition to the above rules riders are expected to follow a basic code of conduct to help ensure safety and enjoyment for all participants. Please try to keep the following in mind when participating in an LBC event:

  • No team tactics or aggressive riding. Club rides are pace lines, not pelotons; group efforts, not races.
  • Help out your fellow riders; take your pull, keep the group together, and make sure your ability matches the rides you participate in.
  • Keep the pace consistent with the ride expectations.
  • Prioritize safety over performance; no riding aero bars in pace lines, be mindful of the road and what is going on around you.
  • Minimize distractions; no cell phone use, earphones, etc.